While I was working this week I came up with an idea for a short visual story. Kinda loosely based off of Sliders and Stargate SG-1. Remember those shows? I was a huge fan of both of them.

So what if we had a secret base similar to Area 51 where our military and our scientists were experimenting with opening up a portal into a parallel universe. What might they find, and what might the repercussions be?

I am by no mean an astrophysicist, and I don’t even purport to even understand quantum mechanics or special relativity. I’ve watched lectures about those subjects but mainly to fulfill idle curiosity. But I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express once, so take what I’m about to say with the tiniest grain of salt.

It is my understanding that every single decision that has ever been made since the big bang has created an parallel version of reality where each possible outcome from each decision plays out. In simplest terms, there is a parallel reality where you or I don’t exist because for whatever reason our parents never met each other. I mean, that’s pretty stark and bleak.

So that’s the premise for this idea.

Scientists have succeeded in pulling someone from an alternate reality and bringing them into our own.

Is it cruel? Of course. But when have you known our military to act with mercy or kindness?

There are a few things that you should know about this alternate reality though.

For starters, they don’t quite speak like we do. After all, language developed differently in their reality. So don’t be alarmed when the inhabitants of this parallel world speak a lot like Yoda.

And second, well… they’re a bit different.

Certain physical traits are more sought after in their population than what may be sought after in ours.

This has led to some stark physical differences between the humans in that reality and ours.

So not sure where this is going to take us. But you’re more than welcome to join the ride!

Last modified: 2021-10-22



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